What is 5M-Airfibre Technology?

5M-Airfibre is a revolutionary technology purpose built to deliver efficient high speed, high throughput, low latency internet access. 5M-Airfibre provides a fixed wireless, high speed broadband using fixed-location microwave radio towers.

The technology allows for the transmission of data between two fixed points and is appropriate for both homes and businesses.

The 5M-AirFibre, is the real alternative to running fibre optic cables, allowing over-the-air and point-to-point connection with similar speeds, scalability, and efficiency. 5M-AirFibre can carry same capacities as regular fiber optics cables such as 5, 10, 50, 100, 155, 300mbps etc.5M-AirFibre technology powers 5mSpeed and 5mMetrofi services.

What are the benefits of 5M-Airfibre broadband internet?

High Speed – 5M-Airfiber provides gigabit performance speeds of up to 4Gbps. To put this in perspective, this speed is equivalent of transmitting a 100 MB file in less than a second. 5M-Airfiber broadband internet services means no data restrictions, you can enjoy continued access to the web, stream shows, watch movies and participate in online gaming.

Security – 5M-Airfiber is wireless. This means only the installation points need to be secured. The 5M-Airfiber technology overcomes the disadvantages of regular fiber optics cable network such as disruption due to road construction, right of way issues, community clearance issues, theft, damage, vandalism, accidental breakage, etc. Therefore, 5M-Airfiber technology minimizes the security and operational risks known to affect fiber optic cable networks.

Design architecture – Every aspect of the 5M-Airfiber radio has been carefully simulated and designed to optimize range, speed, throughput, and latency performance in the harshest RF, radio frequency noise environments.

No additional License – The 5M-Airfibre technology operates on the free spectrum of 5GHz frequency band, thereby requiring no additional license to operate.

Weather Resilience – The superior design architecture of the 5M-Airfiber network infrastructure ensures the impact of poor weather conditions is mitigated. The 5M-Airfiber network can with stand rainstorm capable of disrupting cable TV and mobile phone connections.

You can typically expect 5M-Airfiber network performance to remain at 90-95% efficiency in extreme weather conditions.

Short Installation time – 5M-Airfiber technology prevails over expensive and labor-intensive wired infrastructures common to fibre optic network installation. The 5M-Airfiber network set up takes average of 1 day to install, while regular fiber optics network takes average of 1 month to install, depending on the distance from the coupling point.

What are the limitations of 5M-Airfibre technology?

The limitation of 5M-Airfiber is that a clear line of sight is required. If you want stable connectivity, there must be an unobstructed view between the mounting position of the antenna within your facility and the microwave radio mast.

Any trees, buildings, or other physical blockages between the radio mast and your location could cause the radio waves to reflect off those objects. This would cause some waves to arrive out of phase with the signals that travel directly, thereby reducing the power of the received signal and degrading your internet experience.