1. Will my Internet get exhausted?

5M Telecom Internet access is truly unlimited and you will have full access to fast internet until your monthly subscription duration is due for renewal.

2. How can I get Internet Access?

You can send an email to 5m@5mtelecom.com or call us on 07088886503 to book a site survey and our team will schedule you for installation as soon as possible.

3. Are there any hidden charges?

All you pay for are installation charge (one-time), subscription charges (monthly) and VAT.

Our subscription prices are transparent on our website www.5mtelecom.com.

4. Can I make payment in advance?

Yes, you can pay for Internet access many months in advance. As a matter of fact, payment in advance attracts enticing bonuses.

5. Will my Internet slow down after a certain period?

5M Telecom boasts of truly unlimited broadband Internet access. We do not cap nor throttle your access.

Just pay your subscription and carry go!